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Wedding Videography

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Elevate Your Special Day with Wedding Videography in Kent

Make your wedding video a cinematic masterpiece with the help of our specialist video production agency in Kent. Our experienced team brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to your wedding, making sure that you are left with a video you will be watching again and again for years to come. With Matchbox Motion Productions, Your unique love story will be captured with all the grace and sophistication that it deserves.

We Have Everything Covered… 

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by your wedding day; working with our videography experts means you can relax knowing all of your special moments are being captured. Our Kent videography team goes above and beyond to make sure your wedding video is truly beautiful and individual to you. Our service includes:

Full Day Coverage: From initial preparations to the final send-off, you don’t have to worry about your video being cut short - our expert Kent videography team will be there with you to capture every moment. 

Highlight Reels: Our artfully crafted highlight reels will showcase a condensed summary of your day. In just a few minutes, we encapsulate the essence of your wedding, allowing you to relive the magic whenever you desire.

Drone Footage: Whether you have a larger wedding, or want a way to show off your gorgeous venue, with our drone we can capture amazing sweeping shots for your wedding video.

Guest Messages: Your love story is not just about the two of you; it's about everyone who shares in your joy. Our service includes heartfelt messages from your guests, ensuring that everyone gets a voice in telling your wedding story.

Wedding Photography: We specialise in more than videography, if you are looking for wedding photography in Kent, London, or the surrounding areas, our professional team will be happy to help with capturing the perfect photos of your day.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced photographers and videographers from a variety of backgrounds, meaning that every video will be unique. We have a shared passion for storytelling, and we want your love story to be told beautifully. We use only the best technology has to offer, our 4k cameras will create stunning images that will be reminisced on for years to come, and our highly personalised approach will mean your unique relationship dynamics can be showcased perfectly. 

Why Choose the Matchbox Motion Productions Team?



Q: Do you offer destination wedding videography?
A: Absolutely! We love capturing love stories across the globe. Contact us for details.

Q: Can we provide our own footage for integration?
A: We understand the importance of personal moments. We are happy to integrate any footage you provide into the final video.

Q: How many videographers will be present on the day?
A: Typically, we have a team of 2-3 videographers, but this can be adjusted based on the scale of your wedding.

Get In Touch
Leading your wedding videography team will be Tom Webzell,
our highly-skilled Kent videographer.
Tom will bring his wealth
of experience in cinematic storytelling, and expertly craft your
wedding video to capture the nuances of your love story.
With Tom leading our wedding bookings, you can be assured of
a personal touch, meticulous attention to detail, and a wedding
film that you will cherishfor a lifetime. 

To discuss your vision with Tom and our team, and to explore
how we can make your wedding memories truly timeless,
get in touch with us today.

 Call: 01622 947 827  Email: 


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